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A Law & Justice Advocate with a Bachelors in Religious Studies

• Assistance with legal matters for litigants in Person (self represented) -

Legal Matters:

Drafting Documentation Assistance: When it comes to drafting documentation, I take a collaborative approach with my clients. Rather than writing anything for you, we work together to create a neatly formatted and organized document that ensures your voice is heard and your story is told exactly the way you want it to be. This process distinguishes my approach from working with a solicitor, as I do not advise you on what to write. Instead, I assist you in organizing and structuring the content that reflects your own thoughts and ideas. By working collaboratively, we can create documents that effectively convey your message while maintaining your personal touch.

Legal Research: In terms of legal research, I approach it as a collaborative effort. I can help you find relevant information and resources, which I will then provide to you for review. We can then discuss your thoughts and incorporate them into the documentation as needed. It's important to note that I cannot provide legal advice on the specific merits of your case, determine whether certain regulations or laws apply to your particular situation, or opine on the potential causes of action you may have. However, I can assist you in finding examples from previously submitted cases that align with your desired objectives. By working together in this manner, we can ensure that your documentation is well-informed and supported by relevant materials, while you retain control and ownership of the content.

Rights of Audience (Speaking on Your Behalf): It is important to understand that my role as a McKenzie friend does not mirror the functions of a solicitor or barrister within the courtroom. However, I can provide valuable support during hearings by attending with you and serving as a touchpoint throughout the proceedings. I can offer suggestions for potential questions you may want to ask to the judge, opposing party, or witnesses present in the room. My presence aims to alleviate any feelings of loneliness or intimidation, and I can even provide a comforting hug during breaks if that is what you need. I am here to offer personal feedback, encouragement, and reminders of points you may have wanted to make if nerves have gotten the better of you. While I cannot behave in a manner that resembles a solicitor or barrister, I am dedicated to providing you with the emotional support and assistance you require.

Communications with Opposing Parties and Courts: Regrettably, I am unable to communicate independently on your behalf with opposing parties or courts. However, I can be included in all communications to ensure that we can discuss them together and strategize accordingly. I can also accompany you during direct conversations with the respondent, offering feedback, support, and a listening ear before and after these communications take place. It's crucial to note that the granting of a right of audience is an exceptional occurrence and only possible in situations involving extreme communication difficulties on your part. For instance, I can cite a specific case involving a brain-injured client who faced severe stammering under stress, where the tribunal recognized the necessity for me to speak on her behalf. While such instances are rare, I am committed to providing comprehensive support within the established boundaries of the McKenzie friend role.

• Marketing, sales, and event planning -

With a versatile skill set in marketing, sales, and event planning, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. Notably, I have successfully executed marketing campaigns for "Beyond the Little Blue Box," utilizing captivating messaging and engaging content to generate excitement and reach the target audience. Additionally, my expertise in event planning ensures seamless coordination and memorable experiences. Whether you need assistance with marketing strategies, sales initiatives, or event execution, I am well-equipped to guide you towards achieving your business objectives.

• Music industry experience and expertise -

With a passion for the music industry and talent booking, I have gained valuable experience in this dynamic field. My journey includes working at Chicago Trax recording studio in Chicago, where I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the intricacies of the music production process. Additionally, I had the privilege of handling talent booking for Cathy Richardson, who currently serves as the lead singer for Jefferson Starship. I also organized band contests, curated a music platform similar to ReverbNation before its time, and successfully booked local bands in Arizona. This diverse range of experiences has equipped me with a deep understanding of the music industry and a keen eye for identifying and promoting exceptional talent.

• Strategic consulting and planning -

My strategic planning and consulting services are grounded in an expansive knowledge base, exceptional research abilities, and a wealth of legal experience. With a deep understanding of various industries, I leverage my diverse background to offer comprehensive insights and effective strategies. Whether it involves legal matters, business initiatives, or organizational growth, I combine my extensive research skills with my legal expertise to provide clients with the most informed guidance and recommendations. By meticulously analyzing, conducting thorough research, and drawing upon my legal acumen, I strive to offer valuable insights that empower clients to make informed decisions and achieve their goals. With a focus on delivering excellence and a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments, I provide strategic planning and consulting services that are tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of each client.

• Writing -

As an award-winning published author and versatile writer, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to my writing services. With a diverse background encompassing academia, legal-related documents, blogs, web copy, and various print mediums, I have honed my craft across a wide range of writing styles and formats. Whether it's creating engaging and informative content, crafting persuasive arguments, or delivering compelling narratives, I have the ability to adapt my writing to meet the specific needs and objectives of each project. My extensive portfolio showcases my versatility and proficiency, and I am more than happy to provide writing samples upon request. With a commitment to delivering high-quality work, I strive to bring creativity, clarity, and impact to every piece I write.

• Turning abstract ideas into reality -

If you have an abstract idea that you're eager to transform into a tangible reality, look no further. I specialize in taking amorphous concepts and transforming them into actionable plans that guide you towards your desired goals. Whether it's a creative project, an ambitious achievement, a production endeavor, or any other aspiration, I possess the expertise to provide you with a step-by-step roadmap. Drawing upon my diverse background and skill set, I can help you navigate the complexities, identify the necessary resources, and outline the strategic actions required to bring your vision to life. With my guidance, you'll gain clarity, direction, and the confidence to embark on your journey towards turning your abstract ideas into tangible accomplishments.

• Project management -

With my versatile skill set and diverse experiences, I possess strong project management abilities that are instrumental in driving successful outcomes. Whether it's event planning, marketing campaigns, or legal projects, I have effectively managed a wide range of endeavors from conception to execution. My meticulous attention to detail, organizational prowess, and strategic mindset enable me to navigate complex projects with ease. By collaborating closely with stakeholders, coordinating logistics, and adhering to timelines, I ensure that every project is executed seamlessly. My experience in event planning, marketing, and legal matters equips me with a well-rounded perspective and enables me to approach projects with a holistic mindset. With my project management expertise, I am committed to delivering exceptional results, turning ideas into reality, and guiding clients towards achieving their goals.
I am an adaptable and multifaceted professional, bringing together a unique blend of experiences that transcend geographical borders and industry domains. As an academic alumnus of Religious Studies and Law, I have paved a pathway that nurtures an inclusive worldview and equips me to turn abstract ideas into reality.

With life experiences extending across the US, Israel, UK, and the Commonwealth of Saipan, as well as travel experiences from Italy to Turkey, Mexico to Canada, and beyond, I bring a global perspective to everything I undertake. This exposure to diverse cultures has enabled me to unite leaders across traditions, cultures, and boundaries, and deeply understand the complexities of human behavior.

My professional journey is a vibrant palette of experiences that includes performing in theatre, featuring in international TV commercials, working in diverse roles within marketing, sales, and event planning, and exploring the music industry. Whether serving as a page in a state house of representatives, spearheading crowdfunding initiatives, or managing publishing projects, I've consistently aimed to bridge gaps, solve problems, and make ideas a reality.

My work with the California Innocence Project, where I volunteered in intake letter assessment and fundraising, fortified my commitment to justice and advocacy. However, it also underscored the harsh realities of the justice system, specifically its treatment of mentally ill individuals. This experience deepened my commitment to drive change and promote fairness within our societal systems.

In the UK, I have experience assisting individuals as a lay representative in various legal matters. While I cannot represent as a solicitor, I offer guidance for self-representation in areas such as employment tribunals, divorce, child arrangements, and simple contract breaches. I can also appear as a Mackenzie friend in most courtrooms, providing moral support and assistance.

I invite you to browse my website, where I share insights from my diverse journey and discuss various topics at the intersection of law, religion, and justice. I look forward to connecting, learning together, and supporting you in making your ideas a reality.
Another vital aspect of my work involves offering advice and assistance to neurodivergent individuals. Having a profound understanding and vast experience with neurodiversity, I am capable of providing sensitive and effective support in this regard.

Many individuals and organizations seek my guidance when they need to navigate unfamiliar terrain or are unsure how to turn their ideas into tangible outcomes. Whether it's writing a simple letter, developing a comprehensive plan, or managing a project from start to finish, my goal is to provide strategic insight and practical support tailored to each unique situation.
Services & Prices

Please note, these prices are estimated costs for standard cases and each situation will vary. Complex or time-consuming projects may require additional time and thus incur higher costs. During our initial consultation, we can discuss the details of your project or issue and I can provide a more precise quote.

Legal Matters

MacKenzie Friend Services
Including but not limited to:

*Letter writing assistance
*Responding to court documents assistance
*Moral support and guidance during hearings
Services begin @£125/hour
Head over to My skills for further details
*Affiliated member of NALP

Project Management

Initial project consultation (1 hour): £125
Project planning and execution (approx. 10 hours per small-scale project): £1,250
Ongoing project management (per hour): £125

Writing Services

Drafting a simple letter (1 hour): £125
Writing a comprehensive report or proposal (starting at 3 hours): £375

Advice and Assistance for Neurodivergent Individuals

Initial consultation and plan development (1.5 hours): £187.5
Ongoing advice and assistance (per hour): £125

Strategic Consulting

Initial consultation and strategic planning (2 hours): £250
Implementation and follow-up (per hour): £125

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Initial consultation and campaign planning (2 hours): £250
Campaign management (estimated at 15 hours per small-scale campaign): £1,875

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